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2 Channel Apache Remote Control Helicopter RTF

2 Channel Apache Remote Control Helicopter RTF

Have you ever wanted to feel what it's like to fly your own helicopter? While it may take years – not to mention a whole lot of money – to get behind the cockpit of a real helicopter, you can get pretty close with the 2 CH AH64 Apache, a state of the art remote-controlled helicopter. On the front, a non-working spotlight makes the helicopter look like an authentic military model. The best part about the Apache is that it comes fully assembled, so you can forget about any complicated building instructions. How many times have you purchased a gadget, only to find that you can’t even put the thing together!? This helicopter can be flown inside or outside, and even though the standard battery pack allows flight times of around 10-15 minutes, you can purchase rechargeable lithium polymer battery pack that can let you fly uninterrupted for over 25 minutes at a time!

The remote control helicopter is only 15 inches long but can fly at a range of 1000 ft. and go as high as 100 ft. into the sky! The Apache model in particular uses a double blade flight design system that is structured from a highly durable plastic that is crash resistant, a system that can easily be maneuvered without the use of a tail rotor. Since tail rotors are often difficult for beginners to learn, this makes flying the Apache super easy. Due to the precise and sturdy construction, the Apache can be flown throughout the entire year, barring any inclement weather. Equipped with the HeliCam also available, you can turn your helicopter into a stealth reconnaissance machine!

Directly imported from the manufacturer, this helicopter comes with a Mode II, left-handed throttle that is easy to get the hang of. Order today and receive the helicopter, remote control, rechargeable battery pack and charger.. Learn more about how to order the Apache here. Look for additional RC flight simulator software and an anti-crash kit to help invigorate your flying experience.

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