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USB Media Genie

USB Media Genie

This is a great little device for anyone who camps, likes to spend some time playing around on their computer or is just simply looking for a fun way to spend some extra time. Simply plug the Media Genie into your laptop or desktop running Windows Vista, XP SP2 or Windows 7 equipped computer and get going! This media USB device has 20,000 internet radio channels, 10,000 games and 8,000 internet TV shows at your fingertips! This is a great way to cure boredom.

Tinkering around on your computer just got more enjoyable. There is such a large selection of things to choose from that there is something for everyone and every age group! It's a fairly affordable device with hours of enjoyment and pleasure. It does require that your computer has at least ten megabytes of free storage space, but other than that it is a pretty simple process!

Sorry this gadget is no longer avaliable.

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